HP450U Power Carrier

The HP450 elminates the hard slog of manual carrying.The strong, lighweight, four sided 'tilt and lift' tray measures 0.18m3 and has a 450kg load capacity. The HP450 provides unbeatable traction and manoeurability over all types of terrain and sloping surfaces up to 25 degrees when moving forward on an uphill gradient.

  • GXV160 Engine
  • Max Forward Speed 3.5km/hr
  • Max Reverse Speed 1.3km/hr
  • Overall Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 190x63.5x105.5
  • Payload Capcity on Level surface 450kg
  • Payload Capacity on 15 degree slope 250kg
  • Weight 181kg
  • * Non Standard Stock Item

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